Thursday, June 19, 2008

Free at Last!

I'm done with school, grading, cleaning up my room, and hopefully done getting emails pleading and begging me to raise their grade or asking if there is anything that they can do now to get a few more points. The grades were done and submitted yesterday but they don't seem to understand. Either way I have had to write a few discouraging emails but have been able to tell a few that I had rounded their grade up! :) Woo hoo! I graded night after night and finished my written (essay) exams by Monday of this week (earlier than any year ever before! Hooray for me!) and so the last day I just had to run my scantrons, input the scores, figure out the curve, and finish up some last minute projects. It still was a crazy day yesterday and I had to go back this morning to clean up and organize but I feel great now! Everyone keeps asking what we're doing this summer...I know that we're going camping next week, but other than that I just want to be Mommy, clean up and organize my house, get everything in the house and throw out the junk that we haven't used in the first four years of marriage and enjoy the summer!

Here are excerpts from my favorite emails from one persistent student today and my responses:

He wrote:
Hi Mrs. Marcroft this is your notorious troublemaker from 4th period um what i was emailing you for was my review booklet i mentioned i had lost it and i re did it with the help of online resources but for some reason the following day i had a dentist appointment and i forgot to turn it in at snack i know this may not be a legitimate excuse but i was hoping if you were available tomorrow for me to turn it in even though i will lose points because i cant afford a C in your class, i did not do as well as i should have this semester. But the point of the matter was i was hoping you could add it because it would benefit my grade also i would like to discuss what i just saw a missing destinos assignment that i got a 0 on. Thank you mrs. marcroft for your time and please
email me at your convenience.

I replied:
I turned my grades in yesterday! This email was delayed in arriving (it got here after midnight) and I had already submitted the grades online by 7 pm.

I will be at school a little bit you can stick it in my box but I'm not sure if I can or if I should change your grade! You didn't turn in a 20 point assignment! The other destinos thing is OUT OF THE QUESTION because that is from months ago. Bring it by the school. I"ll think about it--I'm too tired right now to make a decision like this.

Sra M

He replied:
the thing is ms marcroft with that i would have a B and i know im putting you in an awkward positon but i did work hard on the other original one and it got lost so i pulled my resources i guess i was not responsible enough but it was the heat of the moment and im sorry i forgot and i would really appreciate if you would add it in

I replied:

This is not my fault-this is your fault. You lost the original. You forgot to turn in the assignment on Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday. Grades are already in. Even with the points you are still at a C+.

I'm sorry.

-Sra Marcroft
Then I found his booklet in my mailbox at school so I replied again:

I just got your review book.
1. It's not done right. (not organized by chapter, no vocab, no culture, no example sentences) You got 15/21.
2. It's 3 days late (-6 pts/2 pts per day)
So 9/21 leaves you still at 78 %.


-Sra Marcroft


Jen Kesler said...

Well at least that kid is persistant! Enjoy your summer Senora Marcroft!!

Trimbles said...

Welcome to Summer :) I just love working in the education system, I guess I expect things like that out of high school or younger, but when seniors in college are pulling the same stuf... it just gets old. Im sorry, but it seems that they never grow out of it.

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