Saturday, July 5, 2008

Casualties of our war (against APHIDS!) :(

So, first to go were our beautiful cucumber plants!!! And then they devoured our cantaloupe AND our watermelon plants! It happened so fast and the ladybugs that we bought flew away and the insecticides that we tried didn't work either! Sigh. We're so sad. I think that we'll try and replant next week and cross our fingers! It is California and our growing season is way longer than most! :)

The first picture is my plants after I ripped them out! :(

And this is the pile of could-have-been-REALLY-delicious melons -->


Trimbles said...

Oh Alli, thats just so sad!

Cathy said...

I'm so sad for you!!! Jared would love to come and catch bugs at your house... :)

Grace Tolman said...

I know how you feel about Aphids. We had those in our garden last year. It killed a couple of my cabbages. But after spraying some kind of insecticides, we were good. The direction was to spray it on ALL the garden and I was worried the rest of the crops will go bad but they said wait for about a week and you can harvest again. It turned out fine.
I can relate to your disappointment, up to know I'm still not replanting bec. of the gofer problem we are still fighting with. Plus since Mitch is not here, there's really nothing I can do.
Oh how I wish we live in a pest free world so we can have beautiful gardens.

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