Thursday, July 10, 2008

This week...teeth, paint, dishes, auctions! :)

Exciting things for us this week
1. Nathan got two teeth last week, one of them came in one day and one about two days later. I think we finally got a picture of them, they're still little, but they're there! 9 months old and he finally has teeth!

2. Our floor is in in the living room, and the walls are painted! Woo hoo! We even moved our couch out of the garage--we have furniture!!!

3. My mom and I worked in the house a bunch this week during the boys naps (thanks to Grandpa for tending after the naps till we got home) and got my dishes out, and my cupboards filled! I got to open up a bunch of my wedding presents! It was fun!

4. I finally started listing auctions on eBay again for my invitations and I had a few orders last week, and a few more this week! Today I sent out 100 :) H20 Bottle labels for a eh?! It's fun that people actually buy things that I create! :)

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Jen Kesler said...

Thanks again for the old photos! Your house is coming together great!

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