Saturday, July 19, 2008

National Train Show

We took Sammy to the National Train Show at the Anaheim Convention Center today, and he loved every minute of it. It was lots of fun and neat to see so many model trains. They had some huge (20' x 30' and even larger) set ups with trains from many collections. Our favorite was the huge Lego setup...there are some pictures below! I would have more pics with Sammy in them but I only got one that I took with my cell phone since I left my camera in the car on accident! :(

Sammy and Daddy enjoying the trains...he would sit and stare at them until we dragged him to the next setup! Even when he was overtired he put his head down on the side and watched them with his head on the table. Here is one of the part of the setup of the Lego train set!
It was a huge layout there are more pics here!Here is another person's layout of a city in So. California...

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