Friday, August 3, 2012

Legoland–August 2012

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 288We have the nicest friends, The Carlsons, remember they invited us to Pretend City too :) Well, this time they had extra passes to Legoland in Carlsbad and guess what, they invited us to go with them! Wooo hoooo! Sammy has been begging me for months to go and I was trying to figure out a way to do so but hadn’t until Cindy emailed me!

We met them up early in the morning and caravanned down to Carlsbad and then headed into the park. They wanted to go to the waterpark so we headed to ride some rides and play, play, play.

We played all day. We could have spent many more hours there as there were many parts of the park we didn’t even see and rides we didn’t have time to go on! All in all it was a fun day. We stayed until they kicked us out, grabbed some food and got on the road home. Everyone promptly passed out (phew) but not before asking when they could go again. :)

Here are some pictures:

Danny just loved it…the legos…the water…everything!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 271

Sammy boy riding in a plane!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 278

Danny “making it rain” on Daddy

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 270

Benny and his famous Marcroft smile. Loving the two teeth! He finds them to be quite handy too!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 011

The big boys going on the log ride!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 238

Benny really liked this fountain. He’d put his face in it!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 231

Here we are… almost 8 years married…although we’ve known each other for many more!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 265

Fairy Tale Boat Ride :)

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 185

Nathan the conductor!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 113

They had a neat play area for the kids to wait in while the adults waited in a really long line! Phew!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 023

Benny and Brenny! Brennan definitely has a soft spot for Benjamin!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 161

Playing with giant Legos…these were fun!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 164

They had Legos everywhere for the kids to play with!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 131

I think that Sam’s favorite part was squirting others…there were a few places that you could do this! Even one to get people girls on a ride wet. (He said he only wanted to get the girls wet and let the boys go by). Sigh.

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 086

And at the end of the night…meeting the Lego men. Definitely a highlight! Danny (especially) was on cloud 9 and could hardly contain himself!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 290

Thanks Cindy!

TheBoys_August2012_Legoland_ 166

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Cindy said...

You're welcome! I'm glad you guys were free! Would've hated to waste the tickets, and you have just the right number of people to go! :)
Love all the smiles!

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