Monday, August 20, 2012

C’mon everybody it’s Family Night!

One of our goals this year was to have FHE more often! So far we haven’t been perfect but we’re doing a lot better! The boys look forward to it and I love the site, A Year of FHE, which has great lessons and printables so you can search for a lesson (or just do her weekly lesson) print and go! They come with a scripture, song and everything you need!

Here are two quotes that I found that I like about FHE and why it is so important to us…

"We call upon parents to devote their best efforts to the teaching and rearing of their children in gospel principles which will keep them close to the Church. The home is the basis of a righteous life, and no other instrumentality can take its place or fulfill its essential functions in carrying forward this God-given responsibility. We counsel parents and children to give highest priority to family prayer, family home evening, gospel study and instruction, and wholesome family activities."  (First Presidency letter, 11 February 1999 - Gordon B. Hinckley, Thomas S. Monson, and James E. Faust, emphasis added)

"Family home evenings should be scheduled once a week as a time for discussions of gospel principles, recreation, work projects, skits, songs around the piano, games, special refreshments, and family prayers. Like iron links in a chain, this practice will bind a family together, in love, pride, tradition, strength, and loyalty."  (Salvation; A Family Affair, Ensign, July 1992, p. 4 - President Ezra Taft Benson, emphasis added)

Here are a few pictures from our lesson tonight on each of us being a special spirit son/daughter of God. I thought it might help with some of the issues we’ve been having with the boys lately! They definitely loved it. We modified it and cut out the cutting/gluing and had them circle what they liked (to save time, it was late when we started) but it was still fun!

TheBoys_August2012_ 518TheBoys_August2012_ 516TheBoys_August2012_ 512TheBoys_August2012_ 513

I really loved Nathan’s little person. I think that it is the first time he’s drawn a person. He always has me draw things for him. I told him that he needed to do it and that he could…just draw a circle, and then eyes and then he took it from there. Cute eh? :) Happy Family Night!

p.s. Don’t forget to head to A Year of FHE and find a lesson today! You’ll love it!

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Emilie said...

It looks like you had a great time! So glad the lesson was a success!

- Emilie

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