Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mini Vacation: Palm Springs :)

TheBoys_July2012_ 360Grandma and Grandpa invited us out for a couple days to stay with them in a condo and we said sure! Daddy had to stay and work but the boys and I went happily. I was a little worried about the weather since it gets so hot there but I figured that we could stay in with the air on if all else failed, but it didn’t! The locals didn’t seem to like the weather too much but it was perfect for us! It was cloudy and rained both days in the late afternoon but the clouds made it bearable, not too sunny and gave a little breeze.

When we got there Grandpa asked Sammy what he wanted to do and he told Grandpa, “swim all day long” and that is what we did for two days straight (as well as the last morning before we had to drive home). We only took time off to put more sunscreen on and eat (and the little guys had naps!)

I did get brave on the way home and we stopped to see the giant dinosaurs in Cabazon and the Air Museum at March Air Force Base. The boys were exhausted but they had a blast!

Thanks G&G for inviting us on your little mini vacation! The boys are sure lucky to have you so close! They really love spending time with you!

Enjoy the pictures!

Pics in Palm Springs

I felt like we were in the pool more than in the house!

TheBoys_July2012_ 356

Nate on his “raft”

TheBoys_July2012_ 446

Sammy using pool noodles to spray water-fun!

TheBoys_July2012_ 359

Silly Danny

TheBoys_July2012_ 420

Grandma & Benjamin

TheBoys_July2012_ 449


TheBoys_July2012_ 378

Playing in the cool afternoon air

TheBoys_July2012_ 387

Family pictures at Cabazon

TheBoys_August2012_ 019

TheBoys_August2012_ 002

TheBoys_August2012_ 015

TheBoys_August2012_ 017

Pictures at March Air Force Base Air Museum

Nathan and his sunbrella!

TheBoys_August2012_ 070

All of us in front of one of the giant planes there!

TheBoys_August2012_ 076

Danny loved the planes, and the tires. This one spun!

TheBoys_August2012_ 067

I gave Sam the camera and he got lots of nice shots!

TheBoys_August2012_ 056

Smiling Benny Boy!

TheBoys_August2012_ 031

Sammy by the missiles (I think!)

TheBoys_August2012_ 033

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SusieQ said...

How fun! You guys seem to be hitting up a lot of my favorite places lately! :)

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