Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Danny Boy–Age 3

TheBoys_August2012_ 651The late summer and fall get pretty busy with birthdays around the Marcroft house and we just celebrated our first. Danny turned three over the weekend and I still can’t believe it!

We went to the doctor’s office yesterday and he’s still (in true Marcroft fashion) off the charts in height (100 percentile) and almost that in weight (95 percentile) so he is long and dense but his ratio is healthy (phew!) I think that he might even be catching up to Nathan!

Here are some things that I’d like to remember about Danny at this age:

  • He loves Balloons – so much so that he’ll fall asleep holding one in his hand (and not let go all night), or carry around a drawing or a picture of one, or even a book that has a balloon somewhere in the story.
  • He is very loving and gives lots of hugs and kisses and is very aware of Mommy’s feelings.
  • He likes to say “I love you still” when he tells me he loves me.
  • He’s a bit feisty with his brothers but I guess that is what happens when you have two big brothers that pick on you.
  • He likes to draw and draws tiny circles and other delicate objects very carefully. Hmm…I wonder if he’ll have Thad’s flair for art?!
  • He loves riding his big boy bike and scooter! Sometimes he’ll just shout out because he’s so happy and say things like wooo hooo! and Awesome! as he’s riding! And his new bike is a “rocket”!
  • He loves Benny (and really all of his brothers) but is always wanting to hold Benny even if Ben is getting too big and too strong for Danny!
  • He doesn’t like pickles or tomatoes (so strange to me…the rest of us love them!)
  • He loves trains…but I don’t know many three year olds that don’t!
  • He loves coins of any shape and size and will play with them, stick them in his pocket and steal them out of my purse if it’s anywhere near him!
  • He wants nothing to do with potty training :( but we’re still trying from time to time and at least I know he won’t go to kindergarten in diapers!

Happy Birthday to our little Danny boy!

Here are a few pictures from our mini playdate/party at the park!

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