Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Summer Fun: OC Fair 2012

It’s Daddy’s birthday today but since he’s at Boy Scout Camp we had some fun without him! Grandma and Grandpa Driggs have been helping us stay busy to help make the time pass more quickly and they invited us to go to the Orange County Fair today.

Growing up my mom and dad would always take us to the fair and so when it’s fair time there is something inside of me just aching to go! We went on “We Care Wednesday” and got a ticket in and a carnival ride for the cost of one $5 school item. What a great deal! And, we helped out some school kids somewhere! And Sam did the Read and Ride and got three free rides too (for kids 5-12) with his book report.

The boys were really excited and although we looked through the shopping areas first (it is always neat to see what people have come up with) we did some fun stuff afterwards. We saw a bunch of animals, the pig races, rode horses, rock climbed, rode the sky rail and a few other rides. We stayed until it got dark and by the time we walked out it was 9 pm and we were all pooped. We grabbed some food on the way home and everyone but Sammy passed out quickly (I think that he was still too excited about the fair, rock climbing “for real” and just a super fun day).

Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for letting us go with you—you made our day! In Sammy’s words, “it was incredibly awesome!”

Enjoy the photos!

Grandma and her Buddy!

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 107

Danny on the balloon ride! :)

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 098

Rock Climbing! They got scared and a bit tired a little further up but they still loved it!

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 104

Happy, happy Benjamin!

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 082

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 033

Grandpa on stroller duty!

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 029

Riding across the park on the Sky Rail

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 071

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 073

Danny didn’t stop smiling the whole time he was riding!

TheBoys_August2012_OCFair_ 007

If you want to see more pictures click below!

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