Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 8th Birthday Marcroft Family!

FamilyBdayYesterday was a very nice day! It was our wedding anniversary (which we started including the kids on two years ago) so we celebrated our 8th family birthday! When Thad came home from work he asked the boys where they wanted to go to celebrate and they said, “YOGURTLAND!” and so we went, before dinner mind you! We each enjoyed our own yogurt (a definite splurge there since we usually share!) and then stopped and picked up a Redbox for Mom/Dad’s cheap date night in, made some quick but yummy tostadas for our post dessert dinner, had FHE and put the kiddos in bed.

Thad and I enjoyed a super funny movie, This Means War, and I think that we haven’t laughed so hard since we watched Get Smart. It was definitely worth $1.31! We ate yummy chocolate covered almonds from Costco, real popcorn, Klondike bars (on sale at Stater Bros for $1.97 this week!) and snuggled on the couch making a perfect and cheap date night.

ThadAllieIt seems like only yesterday we were two teenagers who loved going to church dances…we’ve known each other about half of our lifetimes now even though we’ve only been married eight years it is hard to imagine life without him (or the boys). Enough mushiness though I have dishes to do, clothes to wash and boys to chase.

Happy Family Birthday to our little family. And Happy Anniversary to my sweetheart!

p.s. There are a bunch of old pictures here if you like that kind of stuff!

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